Inspiration Comes In All Sizes

I would not blame my dear friend Sally if she indulged in a bit of self-pity now and then, but in the decade since we met, I have yet to catch her feeling sorry for herself. Certainly she has had more than her share of bad breaks beginning with the polio that confined her to an iron lung at age … Read More

Barbara JacobyInspiration Comes In All Sizes

Breast Cancer: A Survivor’s Story

“Before my heart attack I attended a benefit luncheon for cancer.  It was hosted by a good friend and neighbor Pamela,  (Pamela Dern) a very special and courageous breast cancer survivor.  One of the speakers was Fran Drescher, a cancer survivor herself.  She said that cancer was a “present wrapped up in an ugly package.”  For some reason, her words … Read More

Barbara JacobyBreast Cancer: A Survivor’s Story