You’ve just been told that you have breast cancer.  Your mind immediately shuts down.  Even if you have already been led to believe that this is the case, the reality does not set in until the words have been spoken.  Whatever follows from this moment on will probably not register so hopefully you have someone with you who can gather the information that your doctor will next provide.  But, even then, your associate will probably miss a good portion of the information because they will be focused on you and trying to help you as you process the news.  So you leave the doctor’s office with your major focus on how you are going to tell your family and friends and co-workers about what has just happened and you have already started to think about how this will affect them and your life.  Now what?

When Breast Cancer Happens is an organization that provides information, direction and encouragement that enables women diagnosed with breast cancer to respond promptly, effectively and confidently to their situation.”Barbara Jacoby
2x BC Conqueror
Founder WBCH
You are expected to have a million questions about what is about to happen but you can’t think of a single one.  After all, you have never dealt with this before so how do you know what to ask?  How are you supposed to make decisions regarding your treatment when you have no information?  How can you know where to go for help when there are so many different sites that have information regarding all of the different aspects of so many things that you are about to face?  It is overwhelming to say the least.Women about pic

This is the reason for the creation of “When Breast Cancer Happens”.  I’ve been there.  I know what it is like to wander around in a constant state of confusion not knowing what to do next.  The emotions take over and you find yourself doing everything you can to maintain some sort of normalcy in your life knowing full well that your life will never be the same again.  You know there is a very long road ahead of you but you have no idea where the road will lead you and what you will have to do along the way.  And that is just with regard to what you physically will go through without any idea about how you will manage all of your other responsibilities at the same time.

Enter “When Breast Cancer Happens”!  This will be an ever-evolving site that is composed of two different segments.  One will be related to every process you may expect to encounter along the way and as we learn what your needs may be in areas that were not a part of my experience, we will add them.  The second part will be stories that were shared by those who have been inspired by those who are breast cancer survivors.  It is my belief that women and men who are dealing with this disease understand the positive influence you make on those around you.  It makes your journey a bit easier when you know that you are making a difference.

This site is a work of love, hope, inspiration, sharing and a promise for the future. I hope that you will find whatever you may need here and if you don’t, please let us know so that we can work to create an all-encompassing resource for you and your family and friends.



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