Swing Back from Breast Cancer

Barbara Jacoby

back-in-swing-feature-300x190After a diagnosis of breast cancer, I suppose I was like everyone else who heard those words.  I wanted to know why.  I had one aunt and one cousin (same family) who had breast cancer but there were tons of other women on both sides of the family who didn’t. There were so many reasons that were possibilities and one of the first ones that came to mind was diet and exercise.  Now I had always been pretty active in just about every sport imaginable so I had to wonder what part diet played in the mix.  But, just like everything else connected with breast cancer, there just weren’t that many answers to be found anywhere.  And even now, more than four years later, not much seems to have changed – until now!  On August 7, 2012, a new book is being released titled “The Back in the Swing Cookbook” and I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this book really is.

Now, first of all, I am not very interested in cooking and baking anymore.  Long gone are the days that I was willing to spend hours in the kitchen now that a full-time job and my commitment to my goal of helping and inspiring others dealing with cancer and domestic abuse are my focus.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to eat and drink and that I have no interest in what I choose to consume.  Therefore, when I heard about this cookbook that had been written by two uniquely qualified women, Barbara C. Unell and Judith Fertig, I knew that I had to at least take a look at it.

Boy, am I ever glad that I did.  There are so many great options with regard to easy, healthy and quick recipes for food and drink but that is only the beginning.  You will learn more than you have been able to find anywhere else about the foods that are good for your health plus you will also find out about their importance in connection with the their benefits in relationship to cancer.  Do you know whether all types of chocolate are created equal?  Do you know about the power of pomegranate?  Do you know what kind of olive oil to buy and how to store it?  Would you know why to use Greek yogurt instead of another kind of yogurt?  Do you know the difference between oats or the difference between soy milk and almond milk? These and so many more questions are answered but that is only half of this book.

These authors realized that food and drink and nutrition are only part of the story about what goes on inside of us. I had to laugh when I saw that the first chapter of the book is dedicated to desserts and includes a recipe for “Celebration Chocolate Cake”.  Now that’s my style!  But, in addition, there are other topics addressed throughout the book like bioenergy healing (never heard of that before).and laughter yoga and whether positive emotions are positively positive and research on pets and spouses and who is more beneficial to our health (okay, so you think you know the answer to that one).

Every single page of this book is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful photos and illustrations.  So many subjects regarding all-around health are addressed and without a doubt, I would recommend this book to anyone to own for themselves or to give to someone who is a breast cancer survivor.  You will definitely have more answers in one place than maybe you have been able to collect from many different sources.  I know that is what I found and why I chose to personally recommend this book (and no, I am not a paid spokesperson).  Now it’s time to try out that recipe for “Banana, Cinnamon and Walnut Bundt Cake” that has my mouth watering already.  Happy eating and drinking to all!



Barbara JacobySwing Back from Breast Cancer